September 30, 2017 all-day
Jason Martin (Director of Partnership Development for Eastern Canada - Mennonite Church Canada)
Ride for Refuge

Ride for the MC Canada Witness workers of your choosing!

With Ride for Refuge, you have raised over $50,000 to: grow peacebuilding in the Philippines; kick-start a dream park for vulnerable youth in Botswana; help marginalized people in Canada and around the world. Thank you!

Help build on that success by supporting ministry for vulnerable people in the 20 countries where we work. Please sign up to Ride for Refuge on Sept. 30 2017. We can do it again!

  • Start a team in your Church or your community, recruit your family and friends and ride for any of MC Canada‚Äôs Witness Workers or programs.
  • Ride for your friends in service of the Church, or ride for your official congregational partners!
  • Please include the name of who you are riding for and our congregation name in your team name – e.g. Team Poovong Poole MC. Choose from any of the workers/countries listed at Projects By Worker!

Find out more at: rideforrefuge.org/charity/mennonitechurchca