MCBC Indigenous Relations – Brander McDonald

As a Cree First Nations believer in Jesus I am delighted to be given this opportunity to join with MCBC in relating the First Nations Cultural mindset and of what it means to carry the Jesus Walk. MCBC has had the extraordinary courage and vision to embrace an Indigenous person to relate the First Nations protocols and bridge building leadership to its members.

“This is truly an exciting time!” Brander speaks of his two passions, “One, the passion I hold is speaking into the question of what it means to be a First Nations cultural person and to be fully engaged as a lifelong follower of Jesus. Not the Jesus of residential schools of the past, not of government policy, but the Saviour represented in the gospels and even of Anabaptist traditions. I have a passion to share what it means to carry this cross-cultural heart for the healing of my native peoples and the church community to which I grew up in. The second passion associated with this is in regards to being a singer/songwriter who can share these same stories and lessons through song and speech.

Anglican Diocese Indigenous Relations Video

This video is about residential school history from the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster’s perspective. It also features Brander McDonald’s, MCBC Indigenous Relations Coordinator, statements on what churches can do in regards to continuing the work of reconciliation, healing, and justice. Besides his statements, the video also uses one of Brander’s songs.


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Objectives for the Indigenous Relations Coordinator

  1.  Encourage healthy churches by equipping them to bridge barriers of understanding and acceptance in their own communities – to be ambassadors of the ministry of reconciliation. (II Corinthians 5.18,19 and Ephesians 2:11-22)
  2. Challenge and inspire MCBC congregations and individuals to develop meaningful relationships with Indigenous people.
  3.  Identify relevant peace and justice activities and invite congregations to be involved in them.
  4. Develop resources for MCBC pastors and congregations that can be used to cultivate a healthy interaction with people of other cultures, starting with indigenous people.
  5. Exemplify the Gospel of Jesus Christ in “word and deed” as understood by the MCBC confession of faith.
  6. Model Christian unity by learning from and encouraging Christians of other cultures, especially in the Indigenous community.

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