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Mennonite Church British Columbia exists to help congregations be Anabaptist, Missional, and Connected.


Our Identity and Purpose

Mennonite Church British Columbia is a faith community of Christian churches with a passionate allegiance to Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord. Our purpose is to enable congregations to individually and collectively engage most fully in the mission of Christ.


Unpacking MCBC’s Future Direction

by Garry Janzen, MCBC Executive Minister My thoughts for this article are reflective of my talk at the MCBC Annual Gathering and of the Future Directions presentation made by Keith Regehr. The picture of the aspen grove is intriguing, where we are bound together as...

Worshipping in the Work Place

by Matthew Kwok When we think of work, we often think of the dread of waking up on Monday morning, the commute to the office or worksite, or maybe the familiar desk at home where we make our day’s wages. Work is often seen as the evil necessity of life in which we do...

Starting Conversations About Housing

by Lorne Brandt & Sam Dueckman Those of us who live in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are regularly reminded of the many ways in which housing, the availability of affordable homes, and homelessness become justice issues. We see how rising home prices...

Getting our Hands on the Bible

by Greg Thiessen, Metzger Collection Manager As Anabaptist Mennonites within MCBC, we have heard Palmer Becker’s three points a lot over the last while: “Jesus is the Centre of our Faith; Community is the Centre of our Lives; Reconciliation is the Centre of our Work.”...

Good Seed Sunday & Other Resources on Creation Care

The Service, Peace and Justice (SP&J) committee would like you to know that A Rocha’s Good Seed Sunday is April 23rd this year (the day after Earth Day). Most churches probably already have worship plans set for spring, but the A Rocha website has resources that...

Summary of Resolution Results from MCBC AGM: Saturday, February 25, 2017

All Resolutions presented in our AGM Booklet on pages 10-11 were carried with the following exceptions: • Resolution #1 was amended then carried; the third bullet now reads: “that MCBC congregations will not appoint pastors or those in leadership positions who are in...