Affordable Housing Seminar

The MCBC Affordable Housing Task Group has arranged an Affordable Housing Seminar to be held at Sherbrooke Mennonite Church. Join Pastor Min Su Park (from South Korea) on as he takes us through his journey about coming to his church and serving Christ in the city.

“Alternative Christian Life in the City” 
Saturday, October 14, 2023 @ 7:30pm.
All are invited to attend.

Min Su Park is a pastor of 오늘공동채 (Oh-Neul Community, meaning "Today Community"), a congregation in Seoul, Korea. Pastor Park started a youth group Bible study meeting and after 10 years of studying together with the youth, they concluded that living in a community was the best way to live a Christian life. Six years ago, the church gathered enough funds to build a building together where they could house the whole church. 50 people (families, singles, elders) live together in a 5 story building. Each story is divided into “tribes” (their words) where a mix of families / singles / elders share a common kitchen, common space, living space, offices, and a church all in one building but have separate living areas.  

The church has now built a second building and are a community of 100 people, and even go on holidays together. Their first five story building was featured in a Korean documentary which you can view (see below; sorry no subtitles!). The tour starts around the 3 minute mark and you can then skip to the 10:30 minute mark for the rest of the tour (skipping the architect interview):
Part 1: (at 6:40 mark you can see detailed building information like site area, floor area, etc.)
Part 2: