MCBC Church Revitalization Initiatives

Ebenezer Church

EbenEzer Mennonite Church
 by Reece Friesen

We run D3 club, youth and children small groups over zoom.
Activities include ‘Taskmaster’ challenges, Bible devotionals, and a time of sharing.

We have realized that this is not only a season for revitalizing, it is also a season for revisioning and revisiting the plans we have and breaking up new ground.
(Hosea 10:12).

So we have hope. Hope that God will water the seeds planted in this season.
Hope that this season itself will create openings in otherwise rock-hard soil.
Hope that we can revisit what is flexible and what is set about ourselves as a community and re-orient around God’s Word in this changing world.
We are realizing that there was very little chance we could revitalize as we were. Maybe we can revitalize with what God is calling us to be.