Creation Care Challenge for June

Unplug to Save Energy

Make sure to turn off and unplug items when they're not in use. Plug load refers to the continuous energy consumed by electronic devices and equipment that are plugged into an outlet, no matter if they are turned off or unconnected to a gadget. Each socket draws electricity.

Some items that are often plugged-in when not in use are blow-dryers, phone chargers, toasters, coffee pots and fans. Other items that are often left in the "on" position when not in use are televisions, computers, monitors and printers. Some power bars have time delay settings which cause devices to enter sleep/hibernate mode during programmable periods of inactivity. Using a battery-saving function on your smart phones and computers helps them last longer, as well as saves energy. Look around your house and find what can be unplugged.‚Äč You might be surprised by your energy savings!